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 Introducing our new Head Chef, Gonzalo Luzzaraga

An influential chef, he’s an old soul, who manages to find small pleasures in peeling potatoes, the time to read iconic novels and enough energy to raise a family and still cook (for himself) into the early hours.

Your usual breakfast: A very short ristretto (maybe 5)
The best compliment you’ve ever received: That I always think out of the box
A meal you make when you eat alone: Club Sandwich
Your favourite drink: Traditional Vermouth or Herbal Gin & Tonic
A good book: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
A boring task that you secretly enjoy: Peeling Potatoes
A comfort food: Katsu Sando
Your private refuge: Home of my parents in Spain
An essential film: The Dark Knight
Your favourite part of Harry’s: The Bar
Values you’ve passed on to your children: Be patient and ambitious 
A bad habit: Eating very late in the evening